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Ordo Byzantinus Sancti Sepulchri

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26. Februar 2013 Allgemein

The Byzantine Order of the Holy Sepulchre

Es ist der älteste Orden der Welt. Einfach Mitglied werden kann man dort nicht. Es bedarf der Empfehlung von 3 Mitgliedern des Ordens um aufgenommen zu werden. In Deutschland gibt es derzit 30 Mitglieder. Der Orden ist derzeit auf der Suche nach einem Schloß in Deutschland, um sich dort niederzulassen- eine eigene Heimat zu finden.Sitz des Ordens ist Malta. Mehr[Weiterlesen…]

17. Februar 2013 Allgemein bad Copy?!

some years ago from our order because of incorrect actions. Since this time this fine man tries to build up his own order, this with many false statements. He lies in many things. A court on Malta has like against Him already judgments because one has also ascertained there that he a swindler is. One has prohibited to use the[Weiterlesen…]

17. Februar 2013 Allgemein Website from a Swindler? Is it a Fake-Website? Was it a criminal Person who has made this Website? everything a Fake and a bad copy. Nearly all things on this side are not correct. We have removed this person who has written this because of criminal actions from our order. Do you have questions? – then you ask directly the original. We are the oldest and biggest order. You find more information under

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Are they swindler- Ordossanctisepulchri?

Are they swindler-

17. Februar 2013 Allgemein Aims

The ORDO BYZANTINUS SANCTI SEPULCHRI is a moral entity and promotes its philanthropic, ecumenical and cultural activities utilising the voluntary contributions of its Members and other worthy donors.

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In 1669 Sultan Mohammed IV Osman granted Dimitrij VII Dimitrevic’ recognition of His prerogatives as Head of the Name and Arms of the Rjurik Dynasty. The Sultan accorded Him the rank of Sovereign Bey and granted hospitality and protection to Him and to His Orders and cultural Institutions.

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The religious upheaval provoked by the dissolution of the Byzantine Empire, and Russia’s political instability during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth centuries, led many dispersed Knights to seek refuge in the Patriarchates of Alexandria, Constantinople and Antioch.

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